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We’re passionate about helping educators get the financial advice they deserve

Are you a professor seeking to navigate the complexities of financial planning with confidence? We understand the unique financial challenges and aspirations that educators like you face. Having worked as an adjunct professor, I know first hand just how complicated your employer retirement plan can be. Our tailored financial solutions are designed to empower you on your journey towards financial success, allowing you to focus on shaping minds without worrying about your financial future. Whether you need a second opinion on your 403(b) investment allocation, or you simply need help navigating TIAA's investment platform, we're here to help.

Investment Management

We'll help you analyze your investments and allocate your assets.

Goals-Based Planning

We get to know more about you and develop an investment plan that matches your goals, time-horizon, and risk-tolerance.

Charitable Planning

Want to use your wealth to make the world a better place? We'd be honored to help you maximize your impact.

Tax Planning

Taxes can be stressful. We'll help you understand and manage your tax liability.

Retirement Planning

Still working? Already retired? Navigate the next phase with our help.

Risk Management

We can't predict the future, but we can help protect you from the unknown.

Education Planning

We'll help you plan for the future of your family's next generation.

Estate Planning

We'll help you establish your legacy and protect your family, now and into the future.

How to Get Started

Becoming an Ithaca client

We know that working with a financial advisor is intimidating. So we created a simple 4-step process that makes it easy & approachable:

Step 1) Get to know each other

What was the spark that led you to reaching out? What questions do you have? We'll get to know each other and identify if a good fit, explain process of Ithaca Wealth, and identify next steps.

Step 2) Gathering data

If you decide that it makes sense to work together, we'll set up a RightCapital account to input financial data. We review everything while considering original conversations & understanding what your values are.

Are there any inconsistencies between what you said in meeting and how you positioned your financials?

Step 3) Review & make recommendations

In this step, we review plans and offer recommendations. We'll have a frank discussion and tweak inputs/goals accordingly.

Step 4) Implement & iterate

We implement any financial/investment recommendations and iterate the plan over time as life happens. This includes constant monitoring of portfolios relative to goals and constant communication about ongoings in markets, economy, personal finance, etc.

Our Only Fee

This annual all-in fee covers investment management and financial planning services.

0.85% of assets invested ($850 per $100,000 invested)‍
Auto-Pilot Pricing Program

Automatically lowers fee by 0.05% after your 2-Year and 5-Year account anniversary.

This blended fee is also lowered based on the size of assets invested
$0 to $1 million = 0.85%
$1 million to $2 million = 0.75%
$2 million to $5 million = 0.65%
>$5 million = 0.45%

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