Compound your wealth with a human financial advisor.

Build Your Financial Plan Today
Through comprehensive wealth management, we help you enjoy the journey as much as the destination. We've got your back.
Big Picture Financial Planning

Whether you're just starting your career or ready for retirement, we can build you an actionable, easy-to-understand financial plan that will help you reach your goals.

Investment Management

Complexity sells but simplicity wins. That's why we carefully construct low-cost investment portfolios comprised of high quality US large cap stocks that offer a combination of stability and growth.

Socially Responsible Investing

We design and build customized investment portfolios that will align with your personal values and won't sacrifice long-term performance relative to the stock market.

We're Fiduciaries For All.
$0 Account Minimums.

We will always act in your best interest, no matter what. We don't earn any commissions or kickbacks on what you invest in. Instead, we build investment portfolios specifically suited to your personal financial situation, avoid high fee investment products, and provide prudent investment advice. And with $0 account minimums, now everyone has access to a fiduciary.

We're Independent.
Low Fees.

Our investment management fees start at less than 1% so more of your money can compound into significant wealth over time. We succeed when you succeed. We will never try to sell you proprietary investment products and we have one flat all-in fee for both investment management and financial planning services.

We're Digital.
There's an app for that.

We've partnered with Altruist to offer you a seamless user experience. Our digital investment platform allows you to open and fund an account in minutes, invest in fractional shares with $0 commissions, and access your account anytime from your smartphone. Combining a digital investment platform with a human financial advisor gives you the best of both worlds.

Whether you just entered the workforce or are on the verge of retirement, our solutions will give you peace of mind.
Young Professionals

It's never too early to begin saving and planning for your future. We'll work with you to build a foundation for financial success. Paying off student loans? Plan to buy a home? Starting a family? We can help.

Business Owners

Your business is part of your individual financial plan, and a key asset in your life. We'll help you save for your future by building an integrated financial strategy that includes specific retirement accounts like SEP IRAs, Solo 401(k)s, and more

Current and Future Retirees

Do you have enough money to retire now? We'll help answer this question and evaluate your personal situation to build a tailored portfolio that can secure your retirement and generate sustainable income.

Ithaca Wealth Insights

Why hire a financial advisor?

When your financial advisor does their best work, your money could grow up to 3% more each year.*

What does 3% look like over time?
$397,076                   $898,820
    No Advisor             With Advisor
Year 1                                                                                         Growth of $100,000                                                                                     Year 30
*Source: Vanguard, Putting a value on your value
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Ithaca Wealth Management is an investment advisor registered with the states of New York and Tennessee that offers comprehensive investment management and goal-based financial planning services to individuals who want to grow and protect their wealth.

I founded this company to try something different in the wealth management industry.

To offer common sense investment portfolios that are diversified and directly invested in today's leading companies. To avoid high-fee investment products that slowly eat away at portfolio returns over time. To set investment management fees at less than 1%, so more of your money can compound into significant wealth. To set $0 account minimums so you can receive quality financial advice, no matter where you are in life.

It’s my goal to help you feel less stressed about your finances, so you can slow down and enjoy the most important things in life.

Matthew Fox, CMT, MBA
Founder & Wealth Advisor

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