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April 9, 2021

IWM Announces Launch of Innovative Auto-Pilot Pricing Platform

Ithaca Wealth Management, an independent financial advisory firm that helps individuals compound their wealth, today announced the launch of an innovative pricing platform to celebrate its one-year anniversary.

The launch of the IWM Auto-Pilot Pricing Platform incentivizes clients to commit to their long-term financial plan by reducing their annual asset management fee by five basis points (.05%) for every two years they maintain an investment management account with IWM, until they reach one all-in annual fee of just 0.50%.

“The IWM Auto-Pilot Pricing Platform represents a paradigm shift for the financial advisory industry, which traditionally only rewards its clients lower fees based on the overall size of their account,” Ithaca Wealth Management Founder & Wealth Advisor Matthew Fox said.

Now, simply sticking to your financial plan and remaining invested for the long-term will lower your advisory fees at Ithaca Wealth Management, regardless of your account size.

“IWM was founded on the principle that quality financial advice from a human advisor should be neither expensive nor exclusive,” Fox said. “That’s why we offer $0 account minimums, fractional share investing, and competitive fees that start at just 0.85% for the first $1 million in assets under management.”

Ithaca Wealth Management was founded in April 2020 and is powered by Altruist, a digital investment platform that enables quick online account opening, $0 trade commissions, and a smartphone app to track your investments.

To learn more about how the fiduciary services offered by Ithaca Wealth Management can better help you compound your wealth, visit or call 607-882-1434.

About Ithaca Wealth Management

Ithaca Wealth Management is an independent, fee-only, financial advisory firm that offers investment management and financial planning services to individuals and small businesses in the States of New York and Tennessee. Ithaca Wealth Management is powered by Altruist, a fintech company on a mission to make financial advice better, more affordable, and more accessible to everyone. Their next-generation digital suite, built for independent financial advisors and their clients, combines software to manage an investment portfolio with a powerful brokerage platform to invest. This helps streamline operations and frees up time, so advisors can focus on serving their clients even better.