IWM Auto-Pilot Pricing Platform

A new way to lower your investment fees...

Now, simply sticking to your financial plan and remaining invested for the long-term will lower your advisory fees at Ithaca Wealth Management, regardless of your account size.

The launch of the IWM Auto-Pilot Pricing Platform incentivizes clients to commit to their long-term financial plan by reducing their annual asset management fee by five basis points (.05%) for every two years they maintain an investment management account with IWM, until they reach one all-in annual fee of just 0.50%.

Most financial advisory firms only reward their clients with a reduced fee when their account value surpasses million-dollar milestones. But with Altruist, we're able to better level the playing field and pass on significant cost savings to you.

Why are we making the change? Because we succeed when you succeed, and we understand that over the lifetime of your portfolio, a small difference in fees can compound into a large amount of money.

Ithaca Wealth Management was founded on the principle that quality financial advice from a human advisor should be neither expensive nor exclusive, and we're proud to build around that mission.